Gelato Network

Ethereum's Automation Protocol

Gelato is a tool for developers to automate smart contract executions on Ethereum.

// Define a Condition => When the transaction should execute
const condition = new Condition({
    inst: conditionTimeStateful.address, // condition address
    data: conditionData, // e.g. every 5 minutes

// Define an action => What that transaction should do
const action = new Action({
    addr: uniswapTrade.address, // action address
    data: uniswapTradeData, // data defining trade
    operation: Operation.Delegatecall

// Combine condition + action to a task
const task = new Task({
    conditions: [condition],
    actions: [action]

// Define who will pay for the transaction,
// the user directly or the developer
const gelatoProvider = new GelatoProvider({
    addr: provider.address,
    module: gelatoUserProxyProviderModule.address,

// Submit transaction to gelato and it will
// be executed when the condition is fulfilled
await gelatoCore.submitTask(gelatoProvider, task, 0)

Why use Gelato to build automated dapps on Ethereum?

High reliability & uptime
No single point of failure
Save weeks of dev time
Minimized Value Extraction